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Withy Fishing

Adjustable Polyball Rig

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1. Premium 125lb abrasion resistant mono (extremely strong and durable to cope with all situations)
2. Newly developed 6" hook boom section (enhances presentation, movement & hook holds)
3. Exceptional anti-tangle properties (ensures live bait is presented perfectly at all times)
4. 50mm high density foam polyball (ultra buoyant for effective use of larger baits)
5. socket for XL "Burly" Illuminator (for night use)
6. Double crimped for security & integrity (14" from polyball to boom plus 22" from boom to swivel)
7. High quality silicone tubing & bead (ensures perfect rig assembly & mechanics)
8. Use with a Withy "Deluxe" Livebait Lead (for best results and unrivalled presentation)