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Withy Fishing

RNR Advanced Dumbell Rig

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1. Twin 40mm White Flotation Sound Chambers (enhanced sound, vibration, buoyancy & visibility
2. High quality carbon boom outer section (further enhances sound & vibration)
3. High quality P.T.F.E inner tubing (eliminates mainline contact with carbon boom)
4. Self righting 50mm Hi-density foam polyball (ultra buoyant & always in the correct upright position.
5. Socket for XL "Burly" Illuminator (for night use)
6. Allows for larger baits to be used (due to increased polyball size & buoyancy)
7. Extra long high quality silicone tubing (to semi-fix swivel of the "RNR" trace)
8. High quality rubber buffer bead (protects mainline as it exits the dumbbell)

Designed and built by Jay Proud exclusively for Withy.