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Halibut & Mackerel Barrels in Glug 28mm

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For fishing on the deck we have a great range for you. Pots of halibut & Mackerel Boilies that are soaking in Halibut & Mackerel Glug, this will extend the life of the Boilies and means it will be leaking more flavour and will keep you fishing longer. These are all PVA friendly. tubs contain 200g of hook bait. For a larger fish we have the 28mm Halibut & Mackerel barrels, these are already soaking in the glug, so they are ready to be put on the rig. We recommend using this product with the withy pre-made hair rig or quick link rig to make up block rigs. For popping up your rig, we recommend 1 x 22mm pop up per 2 hook baits.